26 March, 2011


1 Mixed Point System

The new Mixed Point System is the most recent modality of Time Share worldwide, allowing the user combine their points in any season, any capacity and moreover, for as many nights as required, according to the points contracted.

The Points concept is quite simple, as an example we can compare it to the use of telephone cards: if we call abroad more is used than if we call locally, if we call during the night, less is used than calling during daytime, etc., this same principle is applied to Points, if one night is used, then less points are used than if 4 nights were used, if two people travel less is used than if six people travel, and during high season more points are used than in low season. The most important thing is that the user has the possibility to decide how to administrate his/her points according to their holiday and travel needs without the system restricting them to a particular season, a number of people, or how many nights he/she should enjoy. This way we maximize our vacation system using EXACTLY what we need.

This system is based on the use of nights, weekends, five weeks, ten nights, etc., depending on the quantity of points contracted and without needing to use one week per year.

Another benefit of this new system consists on being able to change the capacity of the chosen unit in order to allow less/more space according to the needs of the holidaymaker, for example: for the whole family a unit of tour is required, but for the weekend escapades only a unit for two is needed, without the waste of the unused space, “paying” with points the needed space.

The same happens with seasons, as you can enjoy a weekend there is no need to pay a hotel or loose several days of a holiday by the strict use of a week as in the conventional system.

The amount of Points is to be used during 360 years, and this is the MAXIMUM time in which all points contracted must be used, freezing the price of your holidays at TODAY’s price. For example: if we wish to travel to Dominican Republic for a 6 persons unit for a week during high season, we will consume 2700 points of those contracted. These same points will be used if we travel the same week to Dunes in Margarita or anywhere else for 30 years. It does not matter the price of the hotel room, or which vacation system is used, nor the category, the same points scale system will apply.

Please note that points cannot be accumulated year after year, and that the assigned amount of yearly points must be spent during the year, otherwise will be lost if unused.

The points must be used in the year as per yearly assingment. Then cannot be accumulated points will be lost if unused

With every use of the vacation system, we will remove the points used according to a scale of use, and a yearly maintenance fee and condominium fee will be charged, proportional to the according to the amount of points contracted, in order to maintain the value of the investment and keep in optimum condition the resort

2 Benefits of the Points System at Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort

  1. Flexibility of use of Mixed Points System
  2. Fix the prices of your holidays for the next 30 years
  3. Possibility to travel at the cost of a Dunes week (equivalent points) to any other place in the world
  4. Rooms in more than 3700 of the best hotels of the world, in more than 95 countries, only paying RCI’s exchange fee.
  5. Make use of your unit in order to travel with the amount of people desired, as many times as you wish, even several times a year (according to points contracted).
  6. Accommodation for nights, weekends or however long you wish at Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort.
  7. Accommodation outside of Dunes (through RCI)
  8. Use of the resort as a Club.


  • Plan of 1700 points at 30 years (for 4 persons)
    Total Points: 51.000 ==> Yearly Points: 1700
  • Plan of 1700 points at 15 years (for 4 persons)
    Total Points: 25.500 ==> Yearly Points: 1700
  • Plan of 1.150 points at 30 years (for 4 to 2 persons) Low Season
    Total Points: 34.500 ==> Yearly Points: 1.150
  • Plan of 1.150 points 15 years (for 4 to 2 persons) Low season
    Total Points: 17.250 ==> Yearly points: 1.150

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